18 Month

We had our 18 month check up today! The Grandparents (and the doctors in them) wanted to tag along too. Plus our Ped and my Mother-in-law are best friends. So i guess we made a trip out of this visit. lol.

So, back to my ever growing baby boy... he is BIG! He's up in the 99 percentile in height and his weight is pretty average. He grew 3inches since his 12 month check up and i can definitely tell by how short his pants are getting on him..definitely need to get this boys some new pants! xD
He did so well during this visit (videos on phone helped a lot!). And he didn't even notice the needle. He got one shot today and we were on stand by incase he started crying and moving around...but nope. He didn't feel a thing. My big boy.

Oh! And my baby learned something new! We've been trying to teach him some sign language since he has a hard time communicating with us. He learned to say please! He puts his hand on his chest, but he doesn't do the circular motion..but hey~ i'll take it! He's trying. My heart was about to burst! I know a lot of babies at this point is communicating with their parents through pointing and saying a few words... Max will get there... he's just taking his time... He's just waiting for the right time and moment to start pointing and to say his first word ;)

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  1. My daughter didn't start communicating until late ( and she walked late too). Soon he will be talking up a storm, I promise!


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