is it over yet?

Holy Moly. What a weekend..or shall i say week! It might have been the most hair pulling week ever! Hubs decided to take off work for the week so he can just relax and hang out with his parents..so basically i barely got any work done. Now here i am...3 in the morning...blogging about my week and trying to get work done at the same time. I'm tired. ugh.
It was nice to see hubs at home and go out and see family... But i'm ready to see him go back to work so i can go back on my regular schedule and have some sanity back in my life.... oh scratch that. sanity probably won't come back till after October...-_- Oy. I MUST finish editing photos by the end of September. Cause in October we're going to BURMA! So excited and stressed! Excited to see where my hubs grew up....stressed cause i know i'll most likely be working most the time catching up on editing and whatever Max will throw my way while we're there..

When i get the time i'll post more pics from our weekend! Max had his 1st trip to the aquarium, 1st trip to chuck e cheese, and tonight he waved goodbye! I got all teary eyed from excitement. hehe.

So glad this weekend is over. It was fun.. but glad it's over. lol :P

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