First Movie

Today my lil man turned 18 months! I can't believe it!! He's a year and a half?! And today happens to be a day when they play a sensory friendly film at the movies! *yay* How perfect for his 1st movie experience (look how happy he is)! We went to see Smurfs 2! Just mommy and Max~ Cause dad decided to be lazy and tired.. his loss! ;P AMC shows one sensory friendly movie a month at 10am. Even perfect cause this lil dude likes to go down for his nap around noon! :)
The program was started for children with autism. They have the movie theater lit and the volumes down so they can enjoy the movie comfortably. Hubs and I thought Max was autistic for a while... and still question it from time to time, but we just started speech therapy so we'll see how he progress from that. Anyways, the Howard County Autism Society was there with plenty of information to spread and share the awareness. 
This isn't just for autistic children, all kids are welcome and it's definitely nice that it's not completely dark, the kids can move around, you can bring your own snacks, it wasn't crowded at all, and the volume was just perfect! I never liked all the loud noise anyways. 

Max had an amazing time and watched the whole movie quietly...in his seat! It was such a wonderful experience for the both of us. Can't wait for our next movie! :D And a tip.. bring a sweater or small blanket! I forgot how cold the theater can get!
And we got some goodies!

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