Life according to my iPhone : July 2013

July. You were fun & HOT. So much water table time, pool time, and getting drenched! We also got in a lot of family time since Max's Grandma & Grandpa are in town! It's nice having that family bonding time for Max since i've never had that when i was growing up. Max also got his 1st 4th of July experience and got to see fireworks! He also learned to clap and play peek a boo! He even picked up signing 'more'...but he's getting it confused with clapping...we'll work on that  :) He's also been wanting to go up and down the stairs like a big boy instead of crawling up & down O.O! Which he is definitely not ready for...Max is also completely off the bottle! *yessssssss*. He's starting to get heavy too..my back definitely hurts from picking him up. We celebrated my baby sister's 21st Birthday!*woohoo* And my business is slowly picking up..That pretty much sums up July.  August is just gonna fly by..i can feel it..and hopefully the weather continues to cool down! <3 nbsp="">

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