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It has been a long week. My mind & body just wants to give up and just crash. It needs a break. Whew.  We started the week with a nice play date at the park and lunch with our friends, on Tues. was grocery day! And we ended up at the E.R. that night -_- My baby had his elbow dislocated. I seriously felt like a horrible mother but the E.R. doc was so sweet and tried to reassure me that this (nursemaid's elbow) happened a lot. We were in and out of the hospital within an hour and only took the doc a few second to pop it back in (Thanks, Dr. Yardley!). Wed. i had a family session with a lovely family in Virginia then came back home to a full house (family visit), Thursday we went to speech therapy and made a lil progress! Every time i count, 1,2, he would just make a sound that kind of sounds like a three! It just sounds like a toot, but still he's getting it! After our session, we went to Port Discovery! I got a membership the beginning of the year and barely use it so i decided why not just go after speech therapy? It's on the way home anyways...so we went! I knew it would tire him out..hehe. Then later that evening we went to a family friend's house for dinner since they were celebrating EID. And now Friday, just a lazy day. I got up this morning, motivated to go outside and run..then blah. stayed in. I'm so tired. We have a busy weekend ahead of us! I'll leave this post with some pics of our trip to Port Discovery! :)

Recently he's shown some interest in walking up and down the stairs like a big boy instead of crawling. This lil area was perfect! At home i would have to hold him up but this is small enough for him to take baby step ;)

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