Gotta love a good deal

Guess what? We got a new stroller. *Big deal* Not only did i get a new stroller, but it was THE stroller i was looking for and this mama got really lucky finding one on craigslist! Yup. My first craigslist purchase! I've been googling this stroller for a couple months and i have been stalking craigslist hoping someone might list it. And BAM. On Sunday evening i went to search for it, and there it was. I had to blink a few times to make sure i wasn't dreaming... The 2013 Uppababy G-Luxe umbrella stroller. In the color i wanted. Brand new. AND with a brand new travel bag. ANDDDD i paid less then the retail price (of the stroller..i basically got the travel bag for free)! :D
I actually needed both stroller and the travel bag for our trip in October. And this stroller is back ordered everywhere! I'm so happy! But of course my husband isn't..he always know how to bring a girl down. Just wait until he gets used to it. He'll complain at first but he's gonna love it later! 
So far Max and i love it! We used it at the mall yesterday and it was a smooth ride! I'll review this stroller when i get more use. And after i come back from travel! :)
At least for now my back can get a little break. I have no problem with my Vista (i love it). I admit, it is a bit heavy. But with Max getting bigger and heavier...my back really does ache. 
Anyway.... wahooooo! i love a good deal!

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  1. Sweet score! How do you like it? I've been looking for a compact stroller to keep in the car and I've narrowed my choices down to three. One of them being the G-Luxe. What do you think about it? I just don't know if I'm ok with no peek-a-boo window... But that one-handed recline wins me over!


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