Fall Ready

Max and I hung our fall wreath we got at RiteAid for $10! Hehehe. We love it and it is officially fall! Yay! But a lil sad cause we'll be leaving for our trip next week...boo. Next time, we are NOT leaving during my favorite month ;T We haven't even started packing yet. Should probably get started on that. Lol. Plus i have to finish up editing tons of sessions before i leave. I'll be a crazy zombie by the time we leave!
I'm going to soak in all the fall beauty and weather before we head back to humid weather...yuck. But i'm still excited/scurrred/anxious to go! :D
And today is my last day to return my lens rental~And damn...i think i fell in love -_- The pics above was taken with my 5DM2 and the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 II that i rented for the weekend. I used it for a wedding on Friday and a Dohl on Sunday and portraits today. It was very versatile and convenient having that extra wideness. I also love the contrast from this lens~ might have to definitely think about adding this to my camera bag!

Happy Fall!

Top: H&M // Bottom: Old Navy // Shoes: Freshly Picked (Sand Suede)

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