The everything recap.

September is getting a little hectic. Shoot after shoot. Which means lots of editing to catch up on and out the door in a timely matter. We are so grateful for the love and business! It really is amazing how things just work out in the end. So if any of my client is reading this... Thank You~!

This month is starting off pretty amazingly! And i'm loving the cooler temperature! Not quite sweater weather but it's definitely nice feeling the heat cool down! Oh and little man turned 19 month 5 days ago~ *sigh* still can't believe how fast time is flying~ he learned so much in the past month! He is now FINALLY pointing! He can also kind of say a few words.. 'Ma (mama), uh oh, eeee (cheese), oup (out).. lol! He signs please and more. And little man is very attached to his mama! He chooses his mama over daddy every time! Hehe. I'm so glad he is now able to point, clap, and wave! Those were the few things we were concerned about! Better late than never, Max! Geez.  

Oh. And i have a new goal from now on. TAKE SOME DAMN PICTURES...with a camera and not so much with my iphone. It's just so easy with the phone, but i don't want all his pics to be from a cellphone...I'm going to try and carry my camera with me more often. Since he is getting bigger, i carry a little less in the diaper bag now, so i have no excuse! I document other families but my own...how sad. I just kept thinking about how i was barely in any pics this year....( husband doesn't pick up the camera :T ) And we don't even have candid family shots or anything from all the events and outings this summer! -_- I'm going to try harder to document my family photos as well as i document others.

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