Our Daily Walk

Woke up today feeling so beat up~ Had the worst sore throat, headache, and heavy eyes like i haven't slept in days! Wasn't a great start. As soon as i felt awake enough to move, i called the ped's office right away to get Max his flu shots. Had to get that done for our trip anyways...so there's one thing checked off the list! I drove 30 mins through city traffic, waited 30 mins in the waiting room, and it took 2 secs for the shot. And 40 mins to drive back home. Awesome. By the time i got home, i felt much better! Thankfully i heal quick! I rarely get sick. Every time i feel something coming on, i react quick and drink my tea, swallow a spoon full of honey, take some vitamin c, and make sure you get lots of rest.
And before our Singapore/Burma trip, i wanted to practice with video on my camera. I rarely use it to record anything..and if i do, i don't edit them. But today, i did it. Edited in iMovie. Didn't even need to read instructions on how to edit it. It was pretty simple. he hardest part was picking the right music..meh. Not my favorite song, but it'll do. And i need to work on my focusing. It was pretty bright out so i couldn't really see my screen.

So here you go. My 1st video!!  Nothing special. Just our daily walk. Max is crazy about cars. He could sit and watch them drive by ALL day if he could.

Our Daily Walk
from Stefani Chung on Vimeo.

I also rented the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 II from LensGiant. I wanted something a little more wider than my Canon 35mm 1.4 for when i shoot an event. I LOVE shooting with my 35 and i think i prefer wider lens than my 50..which i love too. But there's something about the 35 that i love so much... it's my go to lens. I also use it on my lil Canon XSI. It's not a full frame camera like my Mark II so everything is cropped. So i'm thinking the 16-35 would be perfect for when i switch bodies too! I have all weekend to play with the lens so we'll see! If i like it, i might have to sell my 35...but i'm so torn cause that's my baby! ack. We'll see how it goes! So far i'm liking the 16-35! :)

If you're eyeing a lens but don't want to spend the money on the lens just yet, rent it for a few days! I've been renting from LensGiant for years! They have great customer service and fast delivery! Their lens are well taken care of too! I've rented from another company but i like LensGiant the best! :D

Top: Zara Bottom: Carter's Shoes: Stride Rite

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