New body, New wardrobe.

Soooo... this is awkward. I just posted a full body shot of me, my room is a mess, i AM a hot mess, but hey~ Max looks cute ;P
The reason for this horrendous pic is 1. I don't have enough pics of me and my lil Max 2. I tend to over share. (sharing is caring, right?) 3. I got way too excited when i tried on this jean! Because it FITS! 
I've always been insecure of my body. And body after baby? Yea, i cried like a baby and was pretty depressed for a while.. I was left with wider hips, saggy tummy, shit load of stretch marks, and of course, weight... i'm still working on that. I see other moms drop the weight in a few months after baby and by breastfeeding.. Me? Nah..i was the opposite. I worked my ass off and did lose a few pounds.. It's definitely harder as i get older. I'm nowhere where i want to be, but i'm starting to get comfortable where i am..Just gotta work out extra, EXTRA harder. 
So yeah, with this new body of mine, it has me finding a new wardrobe. Comfy pants, comfy enough to chase a toddler, loose fitting tops, to hide my jiggly baby belly, and bigger shoes, cause my feet grew a size (ugh). Well, today i actually left the dressing room with a smile on my face! I found some really awesome and comfy(so soft!!!) pair of jeans! I got so excited...i wanted to share with the world! Or maybe this might be helpful for other mamas.
In the pic i am wearing skinny jeans from American Eagle! I love that it's hi-rise~ i don't have to squeeze in and have my saggy tummy hanging around the edges..lol. Most moms know what i'm talking about ;) They also have different length options. I'm 5'4 and have short stubby asian legs. So this is in a 'short'. Most places don't have that option at the stores unless you shop online. And they have some awesome colors too! Might need to go back and get some more! And a smaller size too. The one i'm wearing was a bit saggy. 
I've also found some really comfy jeans at Old Navy! I love the Rockstar fit. And some Diva fit. If you want them in a petite size, you have to order online. They only have regular sizes at the store. Oh! And i recently bought a pair of The Diva skinny ankle pants at Old Navy and didn't want to take it off! I love the color too!
Yep. So that was my day. Exciting, right?! Thought I'd share with anyone who cares ;) 

**Both American Eagle & Old Navy is having a sale right now, so you might want to think about buying them now than later at full price!**

Picture was taken with TimerCam app! Max is only looking cause he likes the countdown beeps. We had fun playing with it. Hehe.

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