Father's Day 2014

We had a nice lil outing to Fells Point to grab some hotdog and chili from Stuggy's (him, not me :T), watched Max chase around pigeons..lol! A quick walk towards the water to see the boats, pitstop to grab ice cream from Kilwins (i had the Maryland Mud...mmmmmm~), drove back home and took a nap...except for Max. He decided to skip his nap that whole weekend..ugh. I accidentally fell asleep and woke up to Max still yapping away and playing with his ABCs. Hehe. We hurried out the house and went to my baby sister's house for the 1st time and had a nice lil crab dinner with our dad!
It was such a nice lil weekend and spending time with my hubs and family...

Thanks Daddy for always working hard to support your girls. You've never really spent a lot of time with us cause all the free time you had, you spent working. Even on vacations, you'd work. I didn't understand back then. But i do now. And i really appreciate what you had to do to pay the bills, feed the family, made sure we were clothed, had enough to give us lunch money, and everything else you had to do to make everything work out with a single income. I don't know how you did it...but Thank You for all that you did for us.

And THANK YOU, Hubby, for doing the same for Max and I. We appreciate all the hard work you do to keep me home to raise our son..and now another one on the way. You have been the bestest dad to Max! You always step up and do your part without me ever having to ask you. Late nights, feedings, diapers, tantrums, and everything else... we know how lucky we are to have you in our life. I love seeing you as a father and can't wait to see you as a father to TWO boys :) I love you! <3 p="">

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