32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Week. 
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: i'm fucking 200lbs! holy crap~
Maternity clothes: OH YES~
Stretch marks: Yes, but from my pregnancy with Max. So far no new ones!
Belly button in or out: Out. 
Sleep: YES!
Best moment this week: Just listening to Max chat! and sing. He's been doing a lot of that lately! hehe.
Worst moment this week: Broken AC unit and sweating like a pig in this humid weather. Great way to start off summer!....NOT! Fortunately we are borrowing my bro-in-law's AC for the weekend until we get ours replaced!
Miss anything: I miss not retaining so much fluid -_- my legs feel and looks a bit 'puffy' ;(
Movement: Same as last week~ lots of tossing and turning!
Cravings: fruits, ice cream, and cereal
Queasy or sick: nadaaa
Looking forward to: Relaxing! I have a few more shoots to do and a lots to edit so i can't wait to get those out of the way and just try to relax and not worry about a thing.....except getting ready for baby boy and preparing Max!
My back aches. SO MUCH. I'm trying my best to keep active but not trying to push my limits...cause my back....it really does ache. My heat pad is my best friend right now. *sigh* Just a few more shoots till i take maternity leave..and i can't wait! I have one tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the day and weekend, i'm going to try and relax and even try to pamper my feet...Lord knows i need it. 


Happy weekend, folks! :D

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