Hello 2013

Oh, well hello there 2013! I have lots planned for you. Are you ready for me?
I'm sure every year everyone sets their goals at the beginning of the year and maybe forget along the way... i'm hoping to stick to it this year! So, here are my goals!
1- Be the best mommy i can to baby Max. Being a mom is not as easy as it seems. You will break down here and there -_-
2- Gonna change my eating habits. Not going on a diet. Just a healthier lifestyle. Anyone interested in a Green Smoothie 30 day challenge? I've been making smoothies here and there but not everyday, but i'd love to do this for my health and make it an everyday thing!
3- Take more pictures! Yea..some of you will be like "what? but you already take so much of him!". Okay so  i've got to admit.. i DO take lots of pics of Max. But it's mostly iPhone pics :T It's just easy to pull out the phone then my heavy bulky camera. This year, I WILL try my best to change that and take pics with my camera! I'm pretty sure by blogging it will help me remember! ;)
4- Keep up with blogging! Cause i have bad memory and hopefully by sharing a few moments here and there, it'll inspire or help out other mommies or soon to be moms!
5- Keep mommy life and business life organized! Which has been hard to do! But i'm gonna make it work!
6- Meditate more. And maybe start yoga? I love meditating. I went through really really bad anxiety/panic attacks a few years ago and since i don't like taking medication, meditation has helped a LOT! I need to find more time to do this this year.

I think that's a pretty good list. Listing too much will probably add some stress and pressure. Here to a new beginning, good health, and happiness for 2013! May this year be better then the last! 

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