Max's Favorites

Just a few of Max's favorites ;D We use, eat, and play with these everyday and it's always packed in my diaper bag! Except the stacking toy, of course. 
1. Munchkin snack catcher- You gotta get this! It's a must! I used to carry around a lil container to carry his snacks but they always end up all over the stroller or the floor. So instead of wasting his snacks... i bought this and love it! It comes in a 2 pack too! And it only took him about 5 minutes to get how to use it. 
2. Plum Organic super puffs- LOVE! I tasted all of them! They are delicious and very lightly sweetened. I also love the fun colors and taste combo. Max could eat the whole bottle... if i let him. 
3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn apptivity case- The biggest distraction~ If Max gets fussy or impatient, i pull this right out of the diaper bag and he is distracted for a good while! It's my lifesaver. I just used one of hubby's old iPod and downloaded some apps. And it keeps it safe from drool and drops! :D
4. Munchkin sippy cup- My other distraction. I pull this out and then...silence. Mmmm. Max doesn't like drinking water, so i add a splash of apple juice and he chugs it down! It's very easy to clean. It clicks when closed. Anddddd it doesn't leak! This also comes in a 2 pack!
5. Fisher-Price stacking rings- I like to buy toys that can challenge my baby and help him develop his lil brain. He loves trying to stack it. And of course..put it in his mouth. My 20 month old niece loves playing with this too!

Happy mommy, Happy baby. We approve! :)

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