Already almost a year?!

It's about that time. That time when you survived a whole year as a first time parent and your beautiful baby turns one! I have been in planning mode! Or trying to. There are so many cute designs and ideas, but i know i gotta keep it simple. Otherwise my head would explode if i do too much! Which i tend to do. So far i have my photographer, cake, and venue booked. I have a few decor here and there. Only big thing i gotta do now is take pics, send out invites, find a hanbok for me and Max, AND make dol towers. Whew! Koreans do it big for their baby's 1st birthday! 
I went to my friend's daughter's dol over the weekend and i remember all the hard work she had put in weeks before the big day! And the day of, i just remember coming to help her setup and by the time you know it...it's time to pack up and clean! whew! That day went by soooo fast! I don't think i even got to hold the birthday girl. :T I can't wait to see the pics tho.. She did an amazing job planning and making the decorations. I hope i can do the same! Knowing me, i'll be all over the place -_-
The picture above is from the party- I setup a photobooth for the guest to enjoy. My first time too! I think it came out great! I recently decided to stop taking anymore weddings for 2013 and i really wanna start up the photobooth! It's fun, i can still work to feed my lil Max, and i can still capture memories for people! Hopefully things work out. 2013 doesn't seem that bright so far so i'm feeling a lil bummed lately. Anyways...... back to planning!

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  1. Love the photobooth!! What venue did you decide to go with? :)


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