Weekend to do list

Well well. Looky here. More iphone photos -_- I'm not doing such a great job at keeping up with my New Year's resolution. But Thankfully the iphone is decent enough to get those in the moment quick snaps! But truthfully.. do i seem like a bad mother? I feel guilty sometimes when i realize a few weeks went by without ever picking up my camera. Gotta keep reminding myself cause i never wanna miss a moment... cause really, i just wanna capture and remember EVERYTHING.
Anyways. Over the weekend, Sai and i actually got ourselves dressed and ready to go down to Virginia. I tried to look for some places in Maryland for hanboks, but the selections weren't that great or they just didn't answer their phone. So the obvious choice was to go to VA, where all things Korean are! Every time i go down to Annadale, i feel like i am in Korea. Lol.
We found a cute lil shop that sells hanbok, and i let Sai choose the hanbok Max will wear at his 1st birthday! And it was colors i never, EVER imagined putting him in. But in the end, we loved it! Man... I remember giving birth and now we just bought him his 1st hanbok. So sad and happy at the same time. One more check on our to-do list! :)

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