Port Discovery

Today Max and I went to Port Discovery with my baby sister and our friends, Erin & Blake! I signed up for a membership since we have nothing else to do at home, and it'll be nice taking a few trips to the city once in awhile with friends since i can get up to 4 people to tag along with me with the membership! 
We went for the first time today.. Max fell asleep in the car on the way there, and even tho i didn't want to wake him up.. i just had to! I knew he if i didn't, he would of probably slept 1-2 hours! Yep. So when he woke up, i bet he thought he was dreaming! His eyes lit up and he looked around at where he was. Haha. And it didn't take long to go run around and explore! 
We smashed our face against a fish tank, found lots of colorful balls to throw, played with sand, ran around and touched everything, and we even got to play with water! 
It was definitely worth waking him up! Cause i don't think he wanted to leave! We will surely be back and get a good use from this membership! :)

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