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So as a mother and a girl i am having way too much dressing up my lil man (a life size doll..lol)! I have bought or kind of went over board and bought all these cute jeans and pants for Max to wear.. But they never seemed comfy on him. Especially since he is older and moves around a lot. The jeans are too stiff and it seems too tight around his waist and hard to crawl around in~ So, I noticed girls had lots of comfy, stretchy pants! Yes! I said girls! I did it. I bought my lil man girls pants! haha! If i never told you, you probably won't notice the difference! Am i right? All that matters to me is that it is comfy and stylish at the same time! If you do end up heading to the girls section... i'd recommend getting one size up then what you usually buy. Otherwise he would really look like he is wearing girl's pants! LOL.

Every week i'll be starting 'Casual Friday' looks with all the pants pictured above! I thought of the idea when i was helping out a friend with her fashion blog. And I thought... i should do one with Max! Cause really.. I don't buy clothes for myself and I always end up returning it and exchanging it to get something for Max anyways -_- Plus this mommy needs something to do.. creatively. Something she enjoys. And maybe inspire some of you mamas with your handsome lil man. 

Stay tuned! I'll have my 1st post tomorrow! To keep up with updates, come and join my Facebook page!

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