This week...

Can't keep up with this dude! He just  keeps on growing and growing! He recently started taking a few steps a couple week ago and now he so close it getting it! He still needs to control his steps and speed. hehe. But he did start lifting himself up without having anything to hold onto to get himself up! Those lil legs are getting stronger! And along with walking and falling...comes the scratches and bumps :( Poor baby has 3 scratches on his face today and he fell and bumped his head on the crib today so he has a lil knot on his poor lil head. *sigh* I guess it comes with learning all these new things so fast!

Anyways.. can you believe Christmas is next Tuesday?! I think i'm done shopping. Boy oh boy, oh boy... this season can be the most stressful and the most happiest at the same time -_- Since i don't have a full time job and only work if i get someone interested in photos, makes be anxious to look at my bank account. ugh. No steady income means penny pinching (my husband makes enough money for me to be a full time stay at home mom, but i never ask him for money. We don't even have a joint account). And the pressure of the holidays can be stressful cause you wanna make sure you get the ones you love and appreciate a nice gift! Yea...well i tried! Hopefully they'll like them! Now after Christmas, I have to plan Max's 1st birthday!! I'll be broke after that! LOL. Cause i definitely wanna make sure his birthday is to my liking! And memorable, of course! I definitely know my most important spending will go to the photographer! I never had anyone take photos of me candidly. NO ONE. So i HAVE to pay someone cause this is important to me. I want memories of me too with my baby boy! I swear i cry every time i type or say that. But i'm not gonna rant about about it. It can take forever~LOL.

Ugh. Okay. Spilled out too much. But really, even tho spending can be stressful, i'm looking forward to just spending the time with my family and seeing Max experience his 1st Christmas! :)

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