Casual Friday: Playtime Comfort

Thank Goodness it's Friday! I have been running on 5 hour sleep this whole week! Dahh! Looking forward to getting some down time from Max! He has been so active! This mama needs a lil break. Good luck daddy! Hehe. 
Oh, and trust me...taking pics of him is not easy either. I always end up sweating! Since he's walking, it's hard to keep him still for 1 second! So this was the best i could do for this weeks casual Friday! 
And because he's walking...and falling...i like to dress him in comfortable play clothes. Today's outfit is some simple tights (cause pants can get caught underneath his feet sometime), a basic sweater, and a vest cause we went out to run errands today! Hehe. 
I also got a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins! I have been drooling over these moccs for a good while now and couldn't get myself to purchase one cause of the price ($60! *yikes*). But thankfully i won a pair from a giveaway that Small Frys had (Thank YOU)! I have never won ANYTHING before! So this was REALLY exciting! I got them in the mail on Christmas eve and you have no idea how giddy i was. lol. Over baby shoes? Yea. Weird. I know. Anyways, I LOVE IT! If you haven't noticed, you barely ever see shoes on Max in his pics. Cause i always have to fight to put it on, or it keeps falling off. But these moccs are awesome! It's like putting on a pair of socks. And it's easy for him to walk in too! I seriously lucked out! But now that i have a pair, i wouldn't hesitate on buying another! :) 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's the last one in 2012! Whew! This year went by FAST!
Make it count! ;)

sweater: h&m // vest: old navy //  pants: gap // beanie: walmart // shoes: freshly picked (weathered brown)

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