Mama's boy

Oh yes! It's official! He's a mama's boy! He started saying mama and umma (mom in Korean). Eeeeek! His first word! You can't even imagine the happiness surging through me when i heard it! Gahhh! He melts my heart so freaking much! I can't stand it! And the look on my hubby's face...priceless! LOL! He was a bit jealous ;D I'm sure Max doesn't know what it actually means, but who cares! He said mama first! Hehehe.
And today was a pretty warm day so i decided to take the boys out. Couldn't stand being inside the house on such a nice day! Plus i always wanted to take Max to the playground. And me, of course i wanted to put him in the swing. He was weirded out by it so he wasn't in there too long! We'll just have to come back when the weather gets warmer.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Stephanie - just a reminder you won the Freshly Picked moccs over at Small Fry, email us your address ASAP!



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