Winter sun

Superman t-shirt- H&M// skinny jeans- H&M// shoes- Old Navy

How awesome was today's weather? This year's weather has been so wacky lately! But i do enjoy those days when we can take a break from the cold winter air and just get cool fresh air! I take full advantage of nice weather like today~ Since Max is getting older, and since it's too cold to play outside, he is getting a little bored playing inside...in the same area...all day, everyday! So after his nap, we went for a stroll in our neighborhood. I got my extra exercise, and Max got to relax and see all the cars go by! He always gets so excited when he see a car pass for some reason. Maybe it's the wheels? He has a thing for that..or anything spinning..lol. We also stopped by the playground to take a break and swing for a bit. Today was a beautiful! Can't wait for more weathers like this.

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