Monthly Update- 12 Months and cake smash

In a blink of an eye (or so it feels like it), my tiny little 7lb 1oz 20inch baby is now officially a toddler! I still can't believe a year went by that quick! I already miss all the coos, swaddling, breastfeeding, tiny clothes (hehe), and gummy smiles! The year has been a challenge, but it was SO worth it! And as the year went, i've learned and grew with him, on becoming the best mommy i can be for my baby. I can't ever imagine my life without my lil Max.. (here comes the tears...dahh)
At a YEAR OLD he is walking backwards, loves to throw things, he can suck from a straw and food pouch, and he seems to understand a few things..especially bohboh, kiss in Korean~ :D
We had his party on his actual day of birth and i'm so so happy that the blizzard did not come our way! The weather was so perfect! We cannot wait to see the pics! I didn't have the time to even take any photos! Not even on my iPhone! ugh. So i'm anxiously watching! We are so blessed and grateful for everyone that came out to the party and showed Max lots of love and amazing gifts! 
Thank you SO much!
So, as i wait... here is some photos from his cake smash! We did it today since we were pooped out from his party yesterday!
I saved the top layer of his birthday cake for his smash. He loved it! Once he got it in his mouth, he didn't want to stop! And he wasn't too messy with it~ I imagined him digging at it, but he was actually eating it pretty neatly....for a baby. :)
*sigh* bye bye baby, hello toddler! Let's see whatcha got for mama! ;D
Don't grow too fast. Mommy LOVES you!!

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