Oh love day~ I love Valentine's day! Or the whole month of February, to be exact. I can get away with cutting up hearts and pink things! Hehe. And dress Max accordingly too! ;D 
Today after our Stroller Strides class, we had our lil Valentine's exchange! It was so refreshing seeing all the lil Valentines card! I haven't seen one in ages! haha. Loved all the cute ideas and treats the moms handed out!

After that we went home and just played, and played, AND played. He didn't feel like taking a nap till 2ish~ugh. So i let him play until he tired himself out! 
My lil guy loves reading his books! He got TONS for his birthday! Thanks again for everyone that gifted him we one/some! He loves them! 
So for Valentine's Day, i'm hoping to wake up a lil early so i can make a special breakfast for my boys! Then Max and i have a play date with our friends, and hopfully, maybe i'll have a special dinner ready just for the hubs! But that's a lot to do in one day~ so we shall see! :D I just can't wait to do all the activity and anything valentine's related with Max! Since we couldn't do them last year...because you know...he was just born~haha.
What are you planning for Valentines? Hope it's filled with extra special love! Happy Valentine's day!

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