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What a month! So many February birthdays! So far i've had cake every week this month! I can tell my weight is creeping up on me~ must. stop. now.
Earlier this morning we went to Max's friend's 1st birthday party~ and then came back to take his Aunt out for her birthday! My sister is truly a blessing. I don't  know what i would of done without her in my life! She is VERY special to me and i'd do anything for her..
Every February we share the same age! We love it, until i have to turn a year old in a month -_-
It's so fun having a sister so close in age~
Today we celebrated her day by taking her out to the American Visionary Art Museum. Who better to go with then your art loving sister? This was perfect! Must go check it out if you're ever in Baltimore. I loved seeing all the quirky art! It's different from the fine arts museum. And Max was so good today! He was quiet the whole time we were inside! I guess he enjoyed the art too~ 

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