Hello Spring Weather!

It's starting to feel like Spring! We've been having amazing weather since the weekend! Crazy to think it was just snowing and crazy cold last week! And others might have a problem adjusting to daylights saving, but i'm loving it! I've been waiting for the day we get more light and go out to play after max's nap! It's always dark when he wakes up so we just stay in and have nothing to do at home~ so happy i can take him outside now! He's happy too! He's been waiting for the day i let him out and run..when i opened the garage door he slowly stepped out to the driveway and looked back at me like "i can go and play"? type of look~ cause usually i say no since it's too cold out to play...hehe. And it's so nice w a l k i n g with him..just holding my hand. No stroller to depend on. Last year he wouldn't hold my hand and would just run (almost ran to the street too O.O). So i'd have to strap him in until we got to the playground.
We stayed at the playground for an hour. Lots of other kids in the neighborhood was out to play too! I guess it's a stay at home mom's paradise~ lol. It was finally good to be out and take in the nice weather~ more days like this please! :)

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