Life according to my iPhone: February 2014

What a month February was. So much junk food and birthdays celebrated! One of them being Max's! He's 2! T W O?! *sigh* Those 2 precious years went by SO quick. I heard other moms say it, but now that i just celebrated my son's 2nd birthday...it really did! The newborn stage, feeding every 2-3 hours, late night feedings, wacky nap schedules....it all flies by. By 2 everything seems to seems more routine and you start to get a hang of things. Of course it comes with more challenges. Terrible twos, temper tantrums, bribes, messy house with toys e v e r y w h e r e. But the naps are better (2-3hr! Yes!), we're communicating better, and i know what he wants. He still doesn't talk yet tho. He says a few words but no sentences.. i'm not sure if i should freak out about that. Cause you know, i've been a worry wart about his development this whole time after he turned one. But somehow he seems to pick it up....just REALLY late. I'll give it a few more months and see if he starts to pick up more words and if not, i'll have to think about taking him to see the speech therapist again. Everyone is telling me not to worry tho..that he'll start talking when he's ready.. and this and that to try and assure me. So i'll try and keep it together for a lil while. Ack. And i'll post some of his birthday pics soon when i get the time to edit them~
*sigh* And now March. This winter has overstayed it's welcome. It snowed the other day (again) and
i'm just really looking forward to Spring! Hopefully by my birthday (spring baby..hehe) the weather will be a lil more nicer. Oh and daylights saving this weekend! We definitely need more daylight! :)

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