I got a baby in my belly and baby on my mind

I might have gone a lil baby crazy today. And yes, my anatomy scan is in 7 days. So no, i do not know the gender of my baby. I just couldn't help myself! Once i saw all these cute clothes at Gap in the sale section with additional 30% off... can you blame me? I mean, if it happens to be a boy~ all i have to do is return it. hehe. For some reason i've really been drawn to the mint, sea foam, tiffany's color! Maybe it's a sign? When i was pregnant with Max, i just had a feeling i was going to have a boy. And i gravitated towards a light blue color with him. Does that sound weird? And if this baby is a girl..i'm surprised i'm not looking at more pink stuff~ I don't know... but this color keeps calling my name! :P
Maybe i'll just call it out now... I think i'm going to have a GIRL! Even the girl at the register at the mall thought i was going to have a girl. She just randomly came out and said it~ maybe it's another sign?! I even got girl on the Chinese gender predictor. 

We shall find out soon! 7 days and counting!!! :D

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